Japanese Pull-Stroke (hand) Saws

Japanese Handsaws used in woodworking and carpentry differ from its American and European counterpart as they cut on the pull stroke as opposed to the push stroke. The pull stroke allows the saw to have thinner blade that cuts more efficient and leaves a narrow kerf. Push stroke saws require a thicker blade to remain rigid. Otherwise, the blade would flex too much when the person pushes down on the handle and it actually does not cut well but often jams the blade. A pull-stroke saw, on the other hand is under tension when sawing instead of being under compression during cutting. There is no blade stiffness requirement and the blade can be much thinner.

Japanese style handsaws (pull saws) have gained much in popularity outside Japan.

We have been dedicated to producing Japanese Pull saws in Miki since 1943.

Our Z-saw (brand) has become a famous brand in the market being the best quality hardened impulse blade available. (Induction hardened)

The teeth are too hard to be re-sharpened, which gives them a long life. Replacement blades are easily fitted and are cost effective rather then re-sharpening an old style hand saw.

A fully automated manufacturing production process ensures high quality products with substantial production volumes of consistent quality.

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