About us:
TOPMAN is located in Miki-City - the oldest city in Japan.The Japanese started to produce steel tools since the middle of the fifth century. In Miki-City Japanese swords were produced in the Warring States period (15-17Century).

Today many skilled carpenters come from Miki-City assisting in the design and production of high quality carpentry tools. Miki-City area in the Hyogo Prefecture is very famous since the era of Edo. There are still over 500 tool factories in the Miki area who continue to produce quality tools according to skilled tradition.

Thanks to such a historical and geographical background TOPMAN with 170 knowledgeable staffs, continues to supply importers and distributors worldwide with high quality performance tools, wood boring tools, wood cutting tools, and machine cutting blades.

TOPMAN is an ISO9001.2000 certified company.

Contact us:
Topman Company Limited.
Head office: 58-10 Omura, Miki, Hyogo, JAPAN
Postal address: 673-0404
Tel: (81)-794.82.8603
Fax: (81)-794.83.7135
E-Mail: overseas@topman.co.jp

The Export Division represents 80% of our business and tools are exported to around 50 countries.

The Import Division represents 20% of our business where goods are imported from around 10 countries for our domestic sales/distribution business.

The Domestic Trade Division; We are a leading distributor of hand tools and hardware products to Home Centers within Japan.

The School Supply Division: Our company is the number one supplier in Japan in “School supplies” (80% share) supplying hand tools, machinery, tools kits and educational tools and equipment to Junior High Schools and High schools.